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Getting Organized - A Reader Testimony - Save Money And Get Out Of Debt - Living on a Dime

Getting Organized - A Reader Testimony

Organization - Ultimate Meal-planning

100 days of meals with recipes and grocery lists attached! RobbyGurl's Creations: Menu Board Package D: The Original Menu Board (Assembled) WITH CyberSpecialties Digital Recipe Compilation Book

Clean sink with a lemon. I bet this smells wonderful. I drink lemon every day and save the squeezed rind for cleaning sink & adding to white vinegar for all purpose cleaner after I clean the sink with it. Then after a week or more soak in white vinegar, use the rinds again to clean the windows. They will be bleached out by the sun and go to the compost. thank you 1 lemon!

Clean sink with a lemon. Probably works better with a stainless steel sink. Used it on my porcelin sink and seemed to work OK.


7 Days To A Clean House and how to KEEP IT. I have a small enough house I can do 3 rooms a day and have the house done in two days, but this is a good idea for going through and doing big stuff (changing sheets, cleaning the fridge, ext.

Dorm Room Hacks and Tips - You can also hang a shoe organizer to sort school supplies- talk about a space saver! More College Tips on Frugal Coupon Living.

Going to College? Dorm Room Hacks and Tips!

organize pens, markers, crayons: In the process of organizing my craft room and put a shoe organizer of the door.did one for my grandsons room for works of art too!

Since I am the maid at my house, perhaps I should give myself a list like this...

Another GREAT chore chart. I would love to be organized and disciplined enough to keep up with this daily/weekly cleaning chart (or one similar) to keep the house tidy with less stress.

Cleaning list

Homemade Cleaners Recipes Will Save You $$$ Lots Pinnable Charts

The ultimate list of DIY household cleaning tips, tricks and hacks for the home (bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and more! Perfect for a lazy girl like me. Spring cleaning here I come!

I do actually clean most of these, but there are great tips to make the cleaning easier!

32 Things You Should Be Cleaning But Aren't

32 Things You Should Be Cleaning But Aren't. I clean (most) of these things but its nice to have a reminder on some of these

good for crafts, sewing, toys, hair or make up stuff and cleaning products. If you have little kids put the permanent markers up top where they cant reach!

Use an over the door shoe organizer to organize school supplies by type. You'll be able to see every supply on display, but it tucks behind a door out of sight nicely, too! Click the pin for more ideas on how to organize school supplies.

23 Money Saving Hacks for Using WD 40. Tips, tricks, hacks, shopping hacks, money hacks, cleaning, life hacks, life tips.

23 Money-Saving Hacks for Using WD-40

If you are tired of the clutter underneath your kitchen sink, then you need to try these 18 easy ways to organize underneath your kitchen sink. Pinning for later!

18 Mind-Blowing Under The Kitchen Sink Organization Hacks

A narrow freezer bin and acrylic shoe boxes store all the cleaning supplies needed in the bathroom. Cleaning products and trash bags go in the freezer bin; sponges, gloves, rags, and scrub brushes go in the shoe boxes.

Bucket for each family member where you put their stuff that they left out. Each person grabs their bucket at the end of each day and puts things away.

Let's Get Organized! 14 Ways to Keep the Kids Organized

Crap Buckets {for all the stuff your kids leave out} *SO* doing this! These buckets are not big enough to hold what my kids leave out.

Stock up on batteries and keep them organized and protected from water damage.

21 Awesome Emergency Preparedness Hacks

General Home Organization Store Batteries in a Plastic Tackle Box - 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home

Counseling Techniques With Children  Some good ideas here, but great ones at: http://www.expressivetherapist.com/group-activities.html (I couldn't get it to pin) :)

Counseling Techniques With Children

4 Tips to Downsizing Our Kids Toys After Christmas Now that Christmas has come and gone, many parents are overwhelmed with the amount of toys their children own. Downsizing our kids toys after Christmas does not have to be stressful