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Call Of Duty Memes. Best Collection of Funny Call Of Duty Pictures

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I had a friend say "tell me when horsebackriding is in the olympics." I had a fun time with that. he walked right into that.

And my family wasn't even here yet!!!!

Most girls complain about being single being boring and sad, like RIGHT after they get out of a relationship -_-

ignorant people

Willy Wonka is a rather condescending fellow. Willy Wonka shares a few truths about life in a condescending way in this hilarious Willy Wonka meme picture collection.

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In today’s edition of No, I Hate Abortion More, Senator Ted Cruz attempted to one-up his GOP running mates in the form of an overwrought tirade against Planned Parenthood and—if we’re to take him at his word—the polio vaccine.

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"you is kind. you is smart. you is important." --- Ms Abilene of the Help ... ... mothering

The help. You is tired. You is broke. You is adulting. Ugh, can't wait until the misery ends

not just him, but all people who say this. yes, it we got rid of ALL the guns, it would be harder for people to kill each other. the problem is getting the guns away from the criminals.

Don't need a gun to kill, some people can use their bare hands. You want to ban hands dumbass?

It's the hypocrisy that drives me crazy... the left and  left wing media!

It's the hypocrisy that drives me crazy. the left and left wing media!