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Nap Time

baby squirel taking a nap. I had one for awhile.he was so sweet.my dog angie would groom him.

THIS TIME, I'm makin sure the lens cap is off; FIRST.....

I’m ready for my close-up! Inquisitive red squirrel investigates photographer’s camera

Japanese flying squirel

"Momonga" The Japanese dwarf flying squirrel; Nihon momonga) is a pygmy flying squirrel, beautiful large eyes and a flattened tail. It inhabits sub-alpine forests in Japan and is nocturnal, This cutie can leap from tree to tree using a gliding membrane.

Who knew Hedgehogs were so cute, but don't let them fool you, they're pruney things will get you and hurt big time!  Don't let your pets near the either!

Happy hedgehog is happy…

Funny pictures about Happy hedgehog is happy. Oh, and cool pics about Happy hedgehog is happy. Also, Happy hedgehog is happy.