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"The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see." ~Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

I'm sure there have been plenty of vegans out there who have gone a whole day eating only "vegan" foods without realizing it and have survived. Vegan food is EVERYONE food.

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Worst question to ask a vegan. Right up there with But what do you eat ?

True!!! I remember having a very in depth conversation with my sister about veganism when I was still vegetarian... I said I would never become vegan, because it is 'too extreme' :,D that was before I knew what happened to the animals in the dairy/egg/honey industry

that was before I stopped ignoring what happens to the animals in the dairy/egg/honey/meat/fur industry

I think this is important to remember.

If the cook forgets to leave off the cheese I eat it anyway.I will not waste what an animal sacrificed.

When vegans think they know something but it's actually just a telletubbies thing xD

When vegans think they know something but it's actually just a the tubby custard machine

HEY HEY HEY EVERYONE YES YOU, YOU READING THIS! You need to go on Netflix and watch Cowspiracy. Silly title, I know. But it is so, so important, and not enough people know about it. If you're skeptical, just go and watch the first ten minutes. PLEASE :):):)


Tbh, my dad is a vegan and all he does on his weekends is shame me for being a carnivore. Like BITCH excuse me but I'll take anything over that tasteless rabbit food.

Lol..but be careful! Not all alcohol is vegan

need a drink while you watch everyone mauling on animal parts and secretions. clueless as I once was. waking up to reality

Please be their voice. Please don't finance heartbreaking violent animal cruelty. Know the truth. Please help me save the Animals

literally makes me wanna cry that horrified look on the poor cows face. you meat eaters need to open your eyes and realise what's actually happening in this world.