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Not pinned for the smugness, but for the astounding stats...

Whoever said one person can't make a difference have never met a vegan. EVERYDAY a vegan saves: gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 square foot of forest land, 20 lbs equivalent and one animal's life.

10 Dairy-free Foods Packed with Calcium http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-health/10-dairy-free-foods-packed-with-calcium/

10 Dairy-Free Foods Packed With Calcium

Pro vegan: the dairy industry would like to thank you for believing the myth that animal milk gives you strong bones.

Point !

Once people really allows themselves to see the suffering that goes into raising animals for food, a lot of them make the decision to stop participating in that suffering.

If I knew then what I know now.

I regret that I went vegetarian as a teenager for selfish reasons and I regret that I ate meat again afterwords. Now I'm going vegan for so many reasons and wish I would have done it sooner

Arthur Schopenhauer, The Basis of Morality #vegan #animal rights #Schopenhauer

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Arthur Schopenhauer, The Basis of Morality rights Yeah, a lot of mankind is evil for sure. But why does he point the finger at "the West". There is animal cruelty EVERYWHERE!

I don't even watch Mark but I can relate

my friend once told me that it was okay if I was a potato bc everyone loves potatoes

willywonka - Oh you hate Southerners, Christians, and republicans? Please do tell me again how open minded and tolerant  you are of diverse opinions and beliefs.

I swear to goodness, this is the only political thing I am going to post. I am so looking forward to this election being over. To each his own - I just thought this was funny.and rang of truth.