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Cheesey Valentine's Day card???

Day Thresh, who I have yet to learn how to play properly. His weird head shape took a while to figure out how I wanted to chibi-fy i. Thresh: League of Valentines

Welcome to February and, yet again, the daily cheesy pickup-line from the champs we know and love (maybe). Starting 4 days early this year because I can. up is Caitlyn, Piltover's finest.

Happy valentine's, everyone! I still have a lot of champs I want to chibi-fy (or doubly chibi-fy, in the case of Yordles) and a bunch o. Amumu: League of Valentines

Valentine Day Cards

God I hate playing against Fizz. Fun fact: my word document with all the pickup lines is titled "Valenlines" Fizz: League of Valentines