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Waste Not, Want Not- make your own apple cider or other fruit vinegars, and natural apple pectin

Waste Not, Want Not- make your own apple cider or other fruit vinegars, and natural apple pectin

How To Make Fruit Vinegar From Scratch. So easy!

Making Fruit Vinegar Except for apple cider vinegar , we haven't had very good luck making vinegars from scratch (not to be confused w.

Save your stems!  How to make a beautiful strawberry vinegar from berry scraps– perfect for salad dressings!

Save Those Stems! Make Strawberry Vinegar

Are you throwing away your strawberry stems? You can make the most beautiful, fruity vinegar with them– perfect for salad dressings or adding to cocktails! Wish I had seen this when I was processing all those strawberries I picked!

Personally I think vinegar is under valued, it is used in so many different ways to flavour our food and it is also great for preserving food via pickling.  Apart from food/cooking uses vinegar also has a whole load of other uses in and around the home. Something most people don’t realize is that you …

How To Make Your Own Vinegar (So easy to do & loads of varieties to make)

How to Make Homemade Vinegar (It Couldn't Be Easier) A pineapple and a few weeks is all you need

Homemade Apple Pectin

The very first time I heard about making your own pectin from naturally high pectin fruit was in middles school. My family and I had gone east to Michigan to visit relatives.

Making fruit scrap vinegar

Rural Revolution: Making fruit scrap vinegar - from all those apple peels/cores I throw out when I make sauce!

How to Make Raspberry Vinegar and Vinaigrette

Easy recipe for raspberry vinegar and raspberry vinaigrette. A great holiday gift idea!

This Simple Home: Canning Jar Lid Alternative

This Simple Home: Canning Jar Lid Alternative - Peanut Butter lids fit canning jars!

Making vinegar the old way < Can't wait to try this (another more thorough link - http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/how_to_make_apple_cider_vinegar.html)

Down to Earth: Making vinegar the old way - I also like her crocheted jar covers, easy DIY.

Best Milk Alternative: Homemade Cashew Milk

Make thick, rich and creamy cashew milk at home in your blender. Cashew milk is high in protein, very filling and easy to make. It's my favorite milk substitute!