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Spare a drawer and attach a power strip directly inside for the ultimate tech charging command center.

Storage Solutions: 8 Brilliantly Hidden Kitchen Drop Zones

Living room storage

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Moon Dust Writing Tray | A fun space-themed twist on the classic salt writing tray!

Moon Dust Writing Tray

A space-themed twist on the classic salt writing tray! I called it a Moon Dust Writing Tray to spark an interest in writing with my son! And it worked!

hay bale lounge area / http://www.himisspuff.com/country-rustic-wedding-ideas/7/

100 Gorgeous Country Rustic Wedding Ideas & Details

Buy straw hay bales at Tractor Supply stores and cover them with quilts or blankets to make a super-comfy lounge seating area at your wedding! Get more Rustic Wedding ideas .

a quiet counting, sorting and fine manipulative activity for the classroom!

Just a very simple idea for quieter sessions. Pom poms are so quiet. Children get the pom-poms with chopsticks or tweezers. good for counting sorting and fine manipulative. Can be done individually or they could choose a number then race to collect.