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Sexy Gerard Butler <3

Gerard Butler: Olympus Has Fallen promo photo shoot - Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Munich, Germany - June 2013

What was that you said!? I wasn't paying attention. I was lost somewhere between the depp(ths) of Johhny's eyes

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hello Johnny Depp- such a chameleon.but always amazing.

Ben Affleck <3 obsessed with this man.

Ben Affleck - it's amazing how much better he looks without facial hair. [Naaa I like him with the beard]

This says it all.

You voted for your favorite True Blood hottie last week. Joe Manganiello won but y'all have a thing for Skarsgård, too!

la classe absolue de gary cooper:Edward Steichen 1930

Edward Steichen image appeared in Vanity Fair’s February 1930 issue and features the American actor, Gary Cooper

Andrew Garfield - He's so humble! It's adorable!

Andrew Garfield

If you're a fan of the comic book series Spiderman, listen up! Andrew Garfield is set to wear his spider suit once more! The actor has signed on to reprise

Absolutely! And "well-tailored"by today's standards, not the 90s. A suit that is baggy and hangs off the body is NOT hot. At all. It should fit, not be "roomy". Whoever came up with that idea was nutso!

A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. This is no lie. Ryan Gosling became the hottest actor in my book when I saw him in all those tailored suits in that movie!better than chocolate cake!

More Luke inspiration - picture a younger Paul Rudd, but more outdoorsy.

Paul Rudd: Everybody's Buddy

Cary Grant was the personification of the self-made man: a one-time child acrobat who had transformed himself into the sophisticated and urbane ideal of men and women throughout the world.

Cary Grant

Cary Grant is my all time favorite actor. His unique speaking style combined with his grace on-screen is simply unparalleled. Check out this list of the best Cary Grant Movies from members at Rankography and vote for your favorite too.

A young John Wayne (1907-1979)

It took Raoul Walsh giving young Duke Wayne the lead in The Big Trail for it to occur to John Ford - Hey, this kid of mine can act!

Alexander Skarsgard- blondes are not my type, but damn I love me some Eric Northman!

Alexander Skarsgard- blondes are not my type, but damn I love me some Eric Northman! Those arms tho!

I'm sorry I didn't except you before seeing Magic Mike, Mr. Tatum.

funniest part is, I AM sitting here in sweatpants & a ponytail!