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How to Remove Aluminum Scratches From a Porcelain

How to Remove Aluminum Scratches From a Porcelain Sink

Homemade Computer/TV Screen Cleaner    1 part plain white vinegar  1 part distilled water (make sure you use distilled only!)  A clean, lint-free cloth. (I like using old, worn-out t-shirts from my rag collection)

DIY Computer and TV Screen Cleaner

DIY TV/Laptop Screen Cleaner-equal parts of white vinegar & Distilled water. Spray on or Dip t-shirt rag then clean computer or tv screen. Haha, make sure it's not dripping wet, gotta use common sense ;

Installing a Farmhouse Sink into an Existing Cabinet

The Farmhouse Sink

The Farmhouse Sink- Altering an existing cabinet base to fit a farmhouse sink. Modern Farmhouse Sink without new cabinets.

Cleansing wipes are extremely convenient and are great to have on hand when wiping down surfaces. Making your own wipes is easy, fun, effective, and affordable.

I will use the cleaner concentrate instead of foaming hand wash. DIY Cleansing Wipes with doTERRA On Guard Essential Oil

How to make A air freshner out of downy unstoppables cheaper then Febreeze: here are the steps to do it   Step 1. Put in-wash scent booster beads into an empty spray bottle.  Step 2. Add water to spray bottle.  Step 3. Let the bottle sit over night, allowing time for the scent booster beads to dissolve.  Step 4. Shake spray bottle to mix the water and dissolved beads—All done!

Belinda's Babblings: Easy DIY Downy Unstopables Air Freshener for Car o. but i want to use gain i stead

Porcelain filler for RV stove

How To Fix A Chip In Your Porcelain RV Cooktop

Repairs chips, cracks and scratches in appliances, fixtures, stoves, barbeques and many other items Appliance White High Heat formula that can accomodate surface temperatures to 425 F

The Mason Jar Blender Trick: Do You Know About This? I will need to try this to see if it really works??

The Mason Jar Blender Trick: Do You Know About This?

Amazing, I had no idea! A standard mason jar will fit most blenders, turning it into a single-serve magic bullet type of contraption. It fit on my blender! now dont judge me if i come to school with a smoothie in a mason jar.

My mind immediately starts racing when I see a new pimple creeping up on my otherwise clear skin. The pimple itself is not the biggest problem — having oily skin and poor skin routines most of life has given me loads of experience in how to treat my

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Your Face, Whether They're From Melasma, Acne, Or Just Plain Getting Older

25 Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide, DIY: After rinsing off your wooden cutting board, pour peroxide on it to kill salmonella and other bacteria and many more uses!

Lesson for Children on How to Set a Table thumbnail

Place Mats That Help Kids Learn How to Set Tables

Burnstad's European Restaurant and Market : Tomah, Wisconsin Here is a wonderful place to visit, with excellent food and a large variety of drinks.