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INFOGRAPHIC: Children should have the right to live a happy, healthy life. In some areas, a healthy and happy life is not possible.

Yes, it is in your own backyard. Do NOT turn a blind eye to the injustice around you. Keep alert and report any tips to the human trafficking hotline: 1-888-3737-888

Modern-day Slavery in America! Young girls are brought here from other countries (and some from U.) for prostitution/sex services.

Slavery has a Face #enditmovement

Human Trafficking STORY of these victims allows readers to know its real and in both the U. and international places. It brings real situations to life so that readers can better identify with this crime and help.

Go back to health class America. That is a life, not a blob of tissue or clump of cells

I dont judge anyone who has had an abortion, my heart just hurts for the lil unborn babes, and also the mother who was mentally sick enough to make the choice for an abortion

#dressember #itsmorethanadress

#dressember #itsmorethanadress

10 Ways Ordinary Familes Can Fight Child Trafficking | During the Christmas season, our family looks for ways to give more of our time and money to those who need it most. We want to teach our children about

10 Ways Ordinary People Can Fight Child Trafficking