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I'm 20 and I teared up in this scene... Best scene in the whole movie, made HTTYD a romance as well.

I'm 23 and I teared up in this scene.

I'm 23 and I teared up in this scene.-----Voldemort teared up at this scene okay?

Beautiful ♡ Hiccstrid ^.^ ♡ in tumblr_inline_ocojifg4i61u7dg5d_1280.png (900×750) from hiccstridfanart.tumblr.com

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls" ---Pablo Picasso

Astrid returning from a tour in Germany and Hiccup welcomes her home.

Modern Hiccup and Astrid. You would think it would've been the other way around with Astrid say "I missed you"

This is Beautiful ♡ I give good credit to whoever made this

This is just like the one with Nico di Angelo *Wipes fake tears* This is beautiful

Dorothy - Hiccup
Toto - Toothless (obviously)
Ruby slippers - Dragon Eye? 
Scarecrow - Ruffnut
Tin man - Astrid
Cowardly Lion - Snotlout
Glinda - Dagur??
Witch of the West - Viggo?????
Wizard - idk probably Gobber

Hiccup - Dorothy, Toto - Toothless (obviously) Ruby slippers - Dragon Eye? Wizard - idk probably Gobber or Stoick. Or even Trader Johann

Hiccup and Astrid fixed by Luciand29 on DeviantArt

It was bothering me the sizes of their heads and Hiccup's hand, and the shadows and the lighting too XD I had to fixed it! Hiccup and Astrid fixed