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cannabis works

Cannabis Works - Uma viagem surreal no mundo de Tatsuyuki Tanaka.



cyberclays: “  Sketch Dump v2 - by Bjorn Hurri “more sketches produced during my 30 min warmup sessions at” Check the first batch of sketches by Bjorn Hurri on my tumblr [here] ”

Sketch Dump - by Bjorn Hurri “more sketches produced during my 30 min warmup sessions at…

Exorcist art print by @jamesngart. #ImperialSteamAndLight #Steampunk #CharacterDesign

Exorcist by

steampunktendencies: “ “Imperial Steam and Light” by James NG Art ” James Ng makes wonderful art!

Artes de Sergey Kolesov para o game Dishonored 2 | THECAB - The Concept Art Blog

Bethesda already announced that Dishonored 2 releases on November on Xbox One and PC.Dishonored 2 has two playable protagonists--Corvo Attano and Empress Emily Kaldwin- the players will be able to choose between the two characters.

jean giraud moebious - 1938-2012

Hugely popular and influential French comic artist Jean Giraud passed away today. Under his own name, and his science fiction pen-name “Moebius,” Giraud created thousands of comic strip…

Dishonored was one of the best-looking video games of the past decade, so if for nothing else than our eyeballs it’s a pleasure to be getting a sequel.

The Art Of Dishonored 2

sergey-kolesov-duke-fin-03.jpg 1 024×1 377 пикс

sergey-kolesov-duke-fin-03.jpg 1 024×1 377 пикс

Katsuya Terada.  Incredible artist who I should've known about sooner.

Katsuya Terada is an illustrator from Japan concentrating on detail driven sketchbook-like artworks. A prolific artist, he has done more than 1000 sketches