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I Had No Clue Hedgehogs Were So Darn Cute

Shota Tsukamoto has a hedgehog who named Darcy. Shota Tsukamoto's goal is to make Darcy the world's most famous hedgehog.

【ELLE DECOR】インスタグラムのNEWスター、ハリネズミのダーシーがキュートすぎる!|エル・オンライン

【ELLE DECOR】Q. ダーシーのクセは?|インスタグラムのNEWスター、ハリネズミのダーシーがキュートすぎる!|エル・オンライン

Darcy the Flying Hedgehog only seems to be prickly on the outside. She’s sweet and cuddly while striking a pose for her human pal Shota Tsukamoto who takes beautiful photos of her, each one telling a different story.

Here are some strange, yet true, things you may not have known about hedgehogs.

What Do Hedgehogs Eat?

Hoglet sounds like Hobbit. Bilbo Baggins was a Hobbit. Martin Freeman played Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. This is one of the many reasons why Martin Freeman is compared to a baby hedgehog (excuse me I meant hoglet)

Hedgehogs provide your daily dose of cuteness!

♥ Pet Hedgehog ♥ Meet Darcy the hedgehog! I can't wait to get mine :D (John!

The Faces Of This Hedgehog Are The Best Things

The Faces Of This Hedgehog Are The Best Things

A good example of a ridiculously cute hedgehog who's getting real tired of your stuff. Hedgehogs make faces


Good day Sir Hedgehog, you're looking dapper this evening. and grumpy


Funny pictures about Trapped hedgehog. Oh, and cool pics about Trapped hedgehog. Also, Trapped hedgehog.


15 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Hedgehogs But Were Afraid To Ask. Look at it! It's so cute!

Angry hedgehog smiles after getting treat

Angry hedgehog smiles after getting treat - the cutest thing I've ever seen and will make me smile at my worst