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The Look - The colors have been manipulated here to make the eyes stand out. Nice effect but not real. See next photo for true coloring.

These eyes remind me of the eyes of Dr. They're very intimidating to many people and they symbolize the eyes of God. always watching you.

A light-silvery facial mask is distinct in some individuals, and a pale buff stripe runs laterally from the shoulders along the side and crossing the rump just above a bushy tail. Some individuals display prominent white hair patches on their throats or chests.

Fish and Wildlife Service has received criticism from its own scientists for allowing politics to skew wildlife management decisions. Encourage the FWS to make management decisions based only on sound scientific data, not outside interests.

The Honey Badger is so brave and courages you can't help but love them. Honey Badgers never give up. An amazing sighting of a baby honey badger in Botswana's Linyanti concession, Africa.

A Young Honey Badger: An Amazing Sighting in Botswana's Linyanti Region.


This photo came from an article titled, "About animals: Wolverine".tap on the image. I HAVE A QUESTION: Is this really a picture of a wolverine, or is it a wolf?

Wolverines Can Fight Grizzlies But They Can’t Fight Climate Change    Wolverine has been one of the most difficult mammals to accurately obtain a census and to study. I have been against the practice of trapping wolverines for this reason for years. I would hope that listing them as endangered would stop the needless killing of a seriously under-studied animal. It is simply irresponsible to hunt any creature with little data on its actual population status especially if it is decreasing.

Wolverines Can Fight Grizzlies But They Can’t Fight Climate Change

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Wolverine - King of the Hill (Roger T.