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Stop the man hate already! If ANYONE interrupts you, it is ok to stand up for yourself. There's no need to be rude, though. That only makes you an a**hole, too.

This works tho, and I often get excited and interrupt ppl when they're talking so I hope ppl use this on me too XD<<<Awesome

I'm more of the Mum friend, but this is too cute not to repin-

And I love crocheting things to keep your heads, ears, hands, and little feeties warm!

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"I am the regional reports manager." Welcome to the century, asshole.

The night bloggers have arrived. Tumblr funny.

No but some scientists think the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs brought us to earth as like tiny single celled organisms, so we could all be aliens<<woah

Old snaps you have to see. Part 11

Old snaps you have to see. Part 11