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ANVI SINGH (@lovellyvibes) on Twitter

and that's not necessarily a bad thing

Best protest sign

Donald Trump is entering the office of the presidency of the United States with record-low approval ratings. It’s no surprise, then, that his inaugurat .

Me too.  You know, I'm 55yo, and until GWB, I just had a different way of looking atvthings that republicans did.  But now, it's like all they want to do is talk down to everyone else, threaten everyone and stall costs "defend" the right to have guns of mass murder.  They are the ones to be afraid of... ironic.

phroyd: “ Don’t Worry, … ALL Intelligent People Are Ashamed Of Republicans!

[racial profiling] this picture also has to do with the speech Tim Wise gave on white privilege about how white folks aren’t considered the bad folks or the low life’s, even though they may be worse of then a black man.

Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin. March 2012 Photo by J.

Refugee Welcome #humanity #one #world ✌️

Refugee Welcome ✌️

Stockholm subway - Two men in subway, bored look

Two men sitting in the same pose, but in opposite directions, leaning their heads towards their arms, Stockholm subway


Girls by the 1975 is one of my favorite songs also! It is a really funky song

RIOT!!   Solo's crazy head

"A symbol of anarchy," Justin mutters. "Naming a virus 'Riot'." Cameron Kyler shook his head.

Found on pink-as-fl0yd.tumblr.com via Tumblr

The next Revolution is it Chaos! Anarchism is it the strength of the new left? It is the loudest voice of the Occupy movement! “Class War” B.

New York City, 1959. © Burt Glinn / Magnum Photos

New York City, 1959

urban scene with sky cross, 1959 // © Burt Glinn


Death penalty pro con essays Introduction Officially, thousands of people are sentenced to death every year in countries where the death penalty is practiced. The death penalty is still

I'm already against the next war

i'm already against the next war quotes about life

https://flic.kr/p/hmXGKc | Anonymous & Gas Mask | # Facebook page | Tumblr #

https://flic.kr/p/hmXGKc | Anonymous & Gas Mask | # Facebook page | Tumblr #

Witch House, Rogues, Gallery, Gotham, Witches, Collection, Revolution, Boba Fett, Death Note

Strong image of a child's dreams vs his reality

♥Vintage Wine Art Photography #women&wine #cCreams #cSepia

It's time to drink champagne and wear top hats.