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Doing it

How to scare the crap out of a Whovian. Slow down there, Satan. This is terrifying.

Looks suspiciously like marble. Is actually wallpaper made from carbon powder!! By Custhom design in the UK: http://www.custhom.co.uk/13/ #wallpaper #interiors

Overview Igneous is a design made from carbon powder and using Custhom’s innovative process of hand-foiling wallpapers, creates a unique distressed or highly polished finish in a wide range of metalli

"Get out of there! They know about Eleven! The bad men are coming! All of them!" - Lucas, Mike and Dustin #StrangerThings

They know about Eleven! The bad men are coming!" - Lucas, Mike and Dustin

breaking bad..Best show..most accurate..does not leave any loopholes neither does Heisenberg AKA WHW

If you have not seen this show.you are missing out on a fantastic piece of television. Breaking Bad - honestly the greatest television show I've ever seen.


All I want is to dedicate my life to taking care of and protecting animals. This little guy is on my list. Favorite animal part 3 - the sloth :)

Dolce &  Gabbana  Absolutely love the concept (Byzantine/Greek Orthodox Church/Medieval? ) but it's so badly done... The arm lenght and the skirt's tailoring just don't work well and the model's expression is should have been saucy but smart and  much more "imperial".

The outfit says it all. Even Jesus is on this dress - what an ICONIC fashion statement (literally).