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Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock - That little chain stands no chance against my maze rage when I'm in a hurry and trying to get out of my house.

Real-life escape games are a new puzzle game trend sweeping Los Angeles. Are you clever enough to escape?

Real Life Escape Games come to the US. Image shown is from a Maze-Room. If you enjoy puzzles, teamwork and working under pressure, then the real-life escape rooms cropping up all over Los Angeles are going to make your shortlist of favorite activities.

LangweileDich.net – Bilderparade CCXCII

I'm not an engineer, but I love math. Therefore I love this mug. Although, I can actually spell engineer 🤔

Haha. Yep. My parents wish I had a manual.

The INFJ Manual "Most INFJs do not naturally adapt well or quickly to unexpected changes or the loss of control in their schedule, they find both to be significant sources of stress in their life." aww, little Jade is my introvert kid.

Perfect for adding something unique and customizable to your escape room. This is an encryption machine that will allow you to encrypt your own messages. While easy to use, the messages created can be

Enigma II Encryption Machine – Size Large - Escape Room Puzzle

“On my way to a #Mystery #Geocache near #Amsterdam. What a nice #Cache and so much work! #Geocaching #Geo #Garmin”

Very cool little puzzle geocache container. This could turn what at first blush…

Here are some fun and creative home gadgets that I would love.

Here are some fun and creative home gadgets that geeks would love. I love the faucet spot the best! It's such a creative idea.

Some of these are just plain clever, and some are just weird.

The squirrel chair, the rainbow nightlight, the piano doorbell -- Awesome! But the flask one.