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PHOTO: The First Church of Cannabis, located in Indiana, treats the flowering herb as a sacrament. Seen here, a photo of a sign advertising services was posted on the Facebook page for "The First Church of Cannabis" on June 14, 2015.

For First Church of Cannabis, Ganja is Godly

A new ministry based in Indiana treats marijuana as a sacrament.

From NPR's National Conversation on drug policy

From our National Conversation on drug policy

Patrick Stewart: “I heard police or ambulancemen, standing in our house, say, “She must have provoked him,” or, “Mrs. Stewart, it takes two to make a fight.” They had no idea. The truth is my mother did nothing to deserve the violence she endured. She did not provoke my father, and even if she had, violence is an unacceptable way of dealing with conflict."

Patrick Stewart: the legacy of domestic violence

(study regarding possible evidence of men objectifying women in their brain scans)

U.S. drug use and incarceration   War on Drugs = 1 trillion  #marijuana #prohibtion #vote #warondrugs #reform

War on drugs persuasive essay Apr 2010 · a persuasive essay on ending the war on drugs. Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by Okiestoned, Apr

What a wonderful world it would be... | #1Cure4Cancer | www.mycutcorep.com/JamesTaylor

Dont forget hemp too High Times Cannabis Legalize Drug War

Old Medicinal Cannabis + it's 74 per cent Alcohol  *Damn!  I Knew I was born in the wrong century!   *I see the warning "Poisonous in overdoses".  I wonder how many times That happened?!

old medicinal cannabis. I have an old tin (empty now) of Asthma medicine that from the smell of what was inside made me think it had more than a hint of weed in it. According to the instructions you were to ignite the powder and inhale the vapor.

"" But is it really crazy to point out that the military has no need whatsoever to train among civilian populations unless that same military plans to engage those civilians in a martial law scenario? After all, how is this training more "realistic" if the populations being targeted in the training aren't in the crosshairs of some future planned military action?"  Isn't it obvious? If Operation Jade Helm were happening in any other country, it would be immediately labeled a military drill…

Isn’t it obvious? If Operation Jade Helm Were Happening In Any Other Country, It Would Be Immediately Labeled a Military Drill for Martial Law

LOOK: War On Drugs Gets Embarrassing U.S. Burns Millions Of Cannabis Plants, Marijuana Availability Rises (INFOGRAPHIC) www.SativaMagazine.com #SativaMagazine

LOOK: War On Drugs Gets Embarrassing


Police Chief (District of Columbia) Cathy Lanier on weed

About hemp

Growing Hemp vs Cotton- Cotton is a Huge Genetically Modified Crop

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International 420 Events: Is Your City Hosting One?

Donna Lambert Freedom Fighter 420

Compassion Killed By Greed: Marijuana and the Green Rush - Toke Signals with Steve Elliott