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La sexta entrega de la saga X-Men tendrá por título "X-Men: Apocalypse" y llegará a los cines en mayo de 2016. Tal y como indica el título, el villano será Apocalypse (Apocalipsis), un mutante nacido hace 5000 años en Akkaba, Egipto, abandonado por sus padres cuando era un bebé debido a su aspecto poco natural (piel gris y los labios azules). Bryan Singer podría repetir en la dirección puesto que fue él quién dio la noticia desde su cuenta en Twitter.

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Some time back i had the chance to work for Blur on the Galactus cinematic model for the game Marvel Ultimate Alliance, by Raven. Later on i dediced to make an illustration with it.just for fun, and here it is, comments are more than welcomed!

Annihilation_Ronan_Vol_1_1_Textless.jpg (675×1000)

Ronan (Earth-616)

Black adam

Black Adam is a super-villain an ancient Egyptian prince who was given incredible powers by the wizard Shazam.

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SinestroColorspoly by hanzozuken on DeviantArt

Sinestro by Javier Avila

Regan Wyngarde (Earth-616) - Marvel Database

Regan Wyngarde (Earth-616)

Lady Mastermind - Real Name: Regan Wyngarde - Powers: Telepathic Illusions, Psychosomatic Symptoms - Joined: X-Men (December, - X-Plained: All former foes of the X-Men.


Deathstroke - the one assassin you can't out-smart. Love him as a villain, whether that is under the name Deathstroke or Slade.

Yellow Lantern - Sinestro

Thaal Sinestro Species: Korugaran (Korugar City, Korugar) Utilizes power ring granting flight and hard light constructs (Debut: