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Whoa someone is in trouble :DD

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Seal of approval-- I'm going to make this a card and then I'm going to give it to people as I give them my "seal" of approval. I wish it were a stamp though... HIMYM

Seal of Approval! I am going to buy a toy stuffed animal seal, and when a student does something really well I am going to give them my "seal of approval" for the day/week :)

Snowman humor

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I have problems with this too (hopefully, I don't look like the old lady though and my dogs definitely don't look like Randy!!)

An old says to a guilty-looking dog stuck vertically to the door of a refrigerator, “Well, tell me, Randy. Has someone eaten all the refrigerator magnets again?

Faulkner's Ranch: Wednesday Laughs: 9th Edition

Guess who ELSE is getting his own indoor bathroom?" the dog says to the cat as they bring in the Christmas tree!

Why do I think of my sister Sonya when I see lame jokes?? :) Lol! Funny stuff right there!

Why do I laugh out loud everytime I read a lame pun? haha I love it.