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I Wanna Run Away With Gerard In A Tardis. My two favorite things, Gerard way and Doctor Who. #mychemicalromance #doctorwho

Alrighty killjoys, the only plausible explanation as to why Gerard doesn't age.

Inspirational quotes and then there’s Justin Bieber :/

One more reason to love Greenday and My Chemical Romance. sorry for the curse words, but I thought it made a very good point.

Gerard Way. Someone find this poor baby's hat - he lost it probably 2 years ago, by now.

we're all just born to decend ✧ gerard way of "hesitant alien" and my chemical romance

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3f68b97c191d45bf9d95cadd24a2bf93.jpg 600×2,706 pixels

look at how much passion is in his singing, just... damn

Okay honestly Gerard is the only reason I dyed my hair red