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He looks so scared. What is that guy saying to him. "SHAWN YOU WILL NEVER GET FAMOUS IF YOU KEEP PLAYING LIKE THAT!!!" crush his hopes and dreams wtf.

True tho😂😂 btw they spelled his name wrong. but Shawn looks rlly scared in this pic

I hope not.. she isn't gonna still my man. He's mine Taylor so back off❤️✌️️

If she is imma die bc her and Shawn would be a horrible couple.and idc what anyone says about that I'm sticking with what I say


Lol when I was reading it I was like umm wtf u talking bout😂😂


Shawn Mendes, the cutest, talented, and beautiful guy in the world* NOT "This kid" please

Hate when ppl tell me who I can or can't like. Seriously SHUT UPPPP!!

My mom is always like who's a real guy u like I'm like I'm sorry when did they become fake she says well u don't know them and I say yes I do

zoe @mendesreactions Instagram photos | Websta (Webstagram)

zoe↠ mendesreactions

Plzzz fingers crossed I hope I can meet him

Instagram Post by Shawn Mendes✌🏼️ (@shawnshighnote)

Lol I think I would fall too

My friends be like "oh is that that boy you always obsess over" I be like "Oh you mean Shawn Peter Raul Mendes 17 years old born August 8 1998 obsessed with Harry Potter writer of the 3 time platinum song Stitches? If by that you mean yes yes it is"