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Balance your focus and learn to eat the elephant

If you want to be productive, effective and fulfil your goals, you need to be able to balance your focus. You must convert the big picture into action.

Awakening the Oracle Within: How to Powerfully and Creatively Navigate Your Destiny

The oracle—the part of us that is ancient and infinite—is available to us at all times; Colette teaches that fear and negative self-talk are just two of the obstacles that prevent us from moving toward our oracle.

Pitta gives rise to many powerful qualities in your body and mind. Although Pittas are sometimes teased for being “hot-headed” or domineering, when they are in balance, Pittas are kind-hearted, enterprising souls with the courage to follow through on their dreams.

As you’ve discovered by taking the Chopra Center’s Mind-Body Quiz, your predominant dosha is Pitta, which is the principle of transformation.

Social consequences of stress

Social consequences of stress. How society suffers.

Organizing a living space may require lifestyle changes. To create these shifts, you must be aware of your goal and plan how you intend to get there.

Helping people reach their full potential through a higher consciousness, where they begin to live life to the fullest everyday.

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How to change your habits | Don Tolman International

How to Change Your Habits

With the beginning of each new year, most people embrace the opportunity for a 'fresh start' - to let go of old baggage and create new, healthy habits that add

What are your deepest dreams and desires?  What do you really, really want? You may be longing for an opportunity to travel or have a child. Perhaps your heart yearns for a romantic relationship or the chance to express your creativity. You may be dreaming of changing your career and creating more material abundance in your life. You may just really wish you could take a long nap.

What are your deepest dreams and desires? The fulfillment of all of our dreams begins with intention and desire.

Pareja anti-endorses Eric Swalwell

Pareja anti-endorses Eric Swalwell

Life is rich with possibilities, but how do you hone in on what you’re meant to do? These six steps will help set you on the right path.

Everyone has a purpose in life, and within that purpose lays a unique talent just waiting to be expressed and shared with the world.

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Energy building rituals are actions which you take to maintain higher energy levels. You make these rituals an important part of your daily life.

ARTICLE- How you interpret your experiences sets the tone for your life story. But you can change your interpretation of life events at any time. Here’s how.

How you interpret your experiences sets the tone for your life story. But you can change your interpretation of life events at any time.

The concept of self-awareness is often talked about as if you’re already aware of what awareness is.

While the terrain varies for each individual, the signs are universal. Learn how to navigate the road to your higher self, using this map to guide you.