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Anointed: Mantle of the Gods Table Top RPG

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Dive into the art of Juan Pablo Roldán, freelance concept artist currently located in Medellín, Colombia.

Chapter 3 Dragon Gods Rising out now http://wu.to/qIzSiu #gods #heroes #fantasy

Humanity Reborn in a Fantasy World of Gods and Demons

Puppetland RPG

Exclusive: A look inside the new Puppetland horror RPG

Puppetland RPG

What New Gods of Mankind Should Know http://www.newgodsofmankind.net/whatnewgodsofmankindshouldknow/#rpg #tabletop #NGoM

What New Gods of Mankind Should Know - New Gods of Mankind

Selling Your Tabletop RPG Adventure to Players http://www.newgodsofmankind.net/selling-your-tabletop-rpg-adventure-to-players/#rpg #dnd #tabletop #GM

If you want players to go down a path, don’t force them to go there. Sell The Path To Your Tabletop RPG Players.

Plans for 2017

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Staff - A Holy weapon that strikes as a flail.  Victims struck by this weapon must save versus wielder's level or risk being completely immobilized for 1 - 50 turns.  A critical strike may result in complete catatonic state of the victim requiring only the most skilled of magic to revive them.

if the stone can withstand impact, or if the staff is able to form a forcefield around it, then this is perfect. I also assume that the staff is gilded, not a big chunk of gold.

Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG: Dearg - http://trolltown.xyz/shadows-of-esteren-a-medieval-horror-rpg-dearg/

Jim Searcy is raising funds for Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG: Dearg on Kickstarter! The multi-award winning dark fantasy RPG from France, between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu.

Dragon Gods Rising Chapter 4

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