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Picture taken at the Amityville house when there were no children present.

A photo snapped inside the famous Amityville Horror house in Long Island, New York. The house was empty at the time and the camera was equipped with a motion detector. The boy resembles one of the Defao boys who was killed in the house years before.

The above image, is a picture taken shortly after a fatale car crash.  Some believe the ghost to be that of the driver, still lingering after death.  Others think it's a angel come to collect the soul back to heaven.

This real angel picture and was taken after an auto accident. The passengers in the car survived, which lead many to believe a real angel assisted them and was caught in this picture.

“Hidden Mother” was a 19th century portrait trend where mothers, who were basically dressed a “ghost,” would hold their young children still while being photographed. The end result was, well… haunting and creepy.

A Victorian "hidden mother' memento mori / post mortem photo / photograph. In the Victorian Era, women holding infants were often covered; because the photograph is meant to be cropped to show only the infant.

Thought you might be interested in this picture we took leaving Devils Den in Gettysburg this past summer. We never saw the person; we were just candidly taking pics with our digitals as we were leaving. We live in a haunted house and are familiar with orbs and ectoplasm. Just thought this was very interesting.- from Jeanie Brown

picture taken leaving Devils Den in Gettysburg. No one was there at the time the picture taken. The photographer was snapping pictures in hopes of catching something on film.

ghost research.jpg (485×340)  This family had just moved into their new home in Chicago, Illinios. In the window to the left of them clearly shows a older woman with her hair put up in a bun and a bulldog next to her. There was no one in the house at the time of the picture taking.

Paranormal state or ghost hunters, which do you prefer? Definitely Ghost Hunters for me.

Not verified authentic. What do you think?

Another famous ghost picture. This time we have a 1956 picture of a priest in Eastry Church in Kent, England.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetary, Midlothian, Illinois  -this is the most famous ghostly photograph taken here, done on infrared film - there was no one on the bench when this photo was taken

This photo was taking at Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery in Illinois. While it does not get the press that Illinois Resurrection Cemetery does, many experts in the field of the paranormal consider it to be one of the most haunted graveyards in the world.

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i have seen a similar phenomenon. i wonder if this is a real paranormal shot?

A guy and his GF took a picture of his cat because it kept hissing at the patio doors one night for no reason. He put the photo onto his PC and noticed the image of a small girl in the window! They don’t have any children, and the house is very old.

Ghost Girl This is a bit freaky, girlfriends friend works with a guy who took a picture of his cat because it kept hissing at the patio doors one night for no reason. He put the photo onto his PC and noticed the

Hey, it's one of those chandelier ghosts!!! Lol

A reader writes: “I was given this photo by one of my paranormal team members. It was taken the day before the man passed away in his home. I’ve been trying to debunk it without much success. I would be interested to hear what others think.