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How hardened by habit and money a person's heart can become, to be rendered unmoved by the clear and awful suffering they inflict...

Sows are put into crates for the piglet's protection and are not in them longer than 6 weeks. Crates prevent the mother from unintentionally sitting on and suffocating her piglets and also allows her to be cool while her piglets are warm.

These are baby male chicks who are being discarded like trash so people can eat eggs. Please go vegan.

male chicks, useless to the egg and meat industry, are tossed into dumpsters before being ground up alive in an "Instantaneous euthanasia" machine.

why finance animal cruelty? go #vegan for cruelty free choices #compassion

Stop supporting and participating in animal cruelty and exploitation for personal pleasure or profit! Learn reverence for life. Animals are not human property but wish to live on their own terms, just as we human animals desire for ourselves.

Stop animal testing, its legal abuse and murder of innocent animals. Inconclusive on most tests when applied to humans. Be the voice that these animals need.

Lab torture must end! There is no reason to put an innocent animal through heinous experiments and pain. Superior non-animal alternatives exist. Go vegan and educate others. Learn that animals are NOT ours to use or do with as we please.

Animals are not ours to use #animalrights #vegan

I DO NOT condone slavery of any kind--and that absolutely includes non-human slavery, which is EXACTLY what this bullshit is.

Tell me again how bacon makes everything better? There is no justification for continuing to ignore morality on a fundamental level.

TorontoPigSave on

Don't support animal cruelty and exploitation for your own pleasure. Learn reverence for life.

Animals are NOT food! Go vegan. Learn reverence for life. Take a stand against exploitation.

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Go vegan. Learn reverence for life. Take a stand against exploitation.



Tak zwana "cielęcina", czyli "odpad" poprodukcyjny mleczarni ...

Breaks my heart -- The veal industry was created as a by-product of the dairy industry to take advantage of an abundant supply of unwanted baby male calves. If you eat dairy, you support the veal industry.

Meat on your plate is inseparable from the sentient being and the barbaric madness at the slaughterhouse this poor soul has to go through!

Dianne Tipton on

If your an animal lover why don't you care about all animals? GO VEGAN!


"Mother Elephants in the circus cannot help their babies, but WE can. NEVER take your children to the circus.

''Si nuestro vecino mantuviera a un perro en las condiciones en las que mas del 90% de los cerdos son mantenidos, llamaríamos a la policía.'' #Speciesism #Slavery #Injustice

Mercy For animals. 'If our next-door neigbor kept a dog in the conditions that well more than 90 % of pigs are kept, WE WOULD CALL THE POLICE'.