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This is beautiful. There's no horse like the Mustang/Kiger Mustang. Their beauty is unmatchable!

Sulphur Mustang Stallion - I'm a sucker for duns and grullos. I those contrasting stripes and earth tones!

Sorraia mustang

Bay Dun - result of dun dilution gene acting on bay horse which lightens coat color; darker shading on face and legs, dorsal stripe down the back, and zebra stripes on the legs and shoulders

Kiger Mustang's live in southeastern Oregon

A Living Legend

The beautiful Kiger Mustangs from Oregon. The horse inspiration for the movie "Spirit".

One day I will drive to Oregon and one of these Kiger Mustangs will be mine.

wild Kiger Mustangs, descended from horses of the earlier Spanish explorers of America

Beautiful wild Mustang at the BLM adoptions

Beautiful wild Mustang at the BLM adoptions I have volunteered with the BLM along the east cost and learned how to ride as a kid on a mustang! Beautiful and strong breed!

Geronimo Kiger mustang stallion

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