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During an interview on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow pressed Hillary Clinton on the Democratic debate schedule, and asked the front runner if she is behind the debates being sent to TV Siberia.

And this STUPID POS HELLary clone is going to run for president- oh HELL no!

Elizabeth Warren is adamant about grabbing guns away from Republicans and law-abiding American citizens. It seems her only goal is not to protect American citizens, but instead remove their right t…

obama traitor to russian invasion

Americans At Risk: Obama Is Destroying America’s Ability to Win World War III In our post-Vietnam era, America vowed to never under appreciate the sacrifices that the men and women in uniform make whose service keeps us safe. However, the nation’s undying

Well....... Lmao!  Want more business from social media? zackswimsmm.tk

Well....... Lmao! Want more business from social media? zackswimsmm.tk

Yep, that sums it up almost perfectly!!! HF~

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He needs to read a history book. Plus he keeps proving he really is a muslim.

History Books

LIAR/Muslims are taught that it's ok to LIE. bullshit, no wonder he has no idea what the fuck he is doing at 1600 penn. note our founding fathers fought Muslims from 1790 to abt 1880 because they refused to put up with the terrorism on the US.


Rebels without a clue, one year mandatory military service for all reaching the age of including Coast Guard and Reserves.