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Squirrels are adorable autumn creatures! They really remind us to cherish the little moments we have with our family and friends during the fall harvest season.

Squirrel << today's dose of squirrel cuteness! (A bit late but it's still before midnight, so it counts!) XD #waitingforRedsandGrays

July In The Sky : Adorable écureuil / Cute squirrel!

Sweet momma + babe I #animalfarm

Bison and her calf in Yellowstone National Park (David Grubbs/Billings Gazette.

This is a perfect spot to hide..                                                                                                                                                     Mehr

Photograph umbrella feeling by Geert Weggen

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Red squirrel drinking from a pool. Refreshment by Julian Rad

Follow @Nature.Geography for more amazing nature photos @Nature.Geography  European Hamster (this is a wild living hamster!) | Photograph by ©Julian Ghahreman Rad #WildlifePlanet

beautiful-wildlife: “ Rush Hour by Julian Ghahreman Rad Wild European Hamster ” *

“Fresh from teh morning by Andre_Villeneuve ”

The very best recognized category of tree squirrels is Sciurus, that includes the Eastern grey squirrel of The United States and Canada

15+ Different Types of Squirrels You Need to Know

A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit!~Sarah Jessica Parker (I agree! Wait 'til squirrels eat half your vegetable garden, like they did ours every summer!

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Community Post: 25 Photos Of The Ever Underrated And Adorable Squirrel

errr merrrr geeerd

Twin otters - - oh so cute!

Watch Out These 20 #Amazing #Cool #Animals That Touch My Heart

Prarie dog love you kiss.

Their show on animal plant was my childhood omg

Their show on animal plant was my childhood omg

Resultado de imagen para cuantos cromosomas tiene ardilla voladora

Squirrel - - The ethology of emotions and empathy

Почти бублик... Ух, вкусно! :-))

Почти бублик... Ух, вкусно! :-))


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