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Cold Blooded Murder in Mumbai: Man Kills his Brother

A man killed his own brother at Kamothe in Navi Mumbai in a cold-blooded murder. The mutual monetary dispute between the duos turned bloody and took its toll.

Absolutely love the detail and style of old theatres!

"That box on the middle level is the Phantom of the Opera's" - Paris Opera House?

Viking Ragnar Lothbrok to his christian friend he just buried, you know you all teared up.

Viking Ragnar Lothbrok said this to his christian friend Athelstan, whom he just buried

Viking Ragnar Lothbrok to his Christian friend he just buried. My man cried.

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Too afraid.

The labyrinth kills people to control population and the only way to get probation is the escape. But everyone who tries does before they can figure it out

CIS Director of Civil Liberties Jennifer Granick and CIS Affiliate Scholar Ryan Calo quoted in this SFGate story about a hacking collective that released what it claims are more than one million unique device numbers for Apple products that it allegedly pulled from an FBI agent’s laptop.

Hackers claim FBI has 12 million Apple device IDs

Check us out on the SF Gate: "Empowering Middle School Students to Succeed in High School, College, and Life":

Australia, Land of Remarkable Sights.     All countries have dangerous animals, if you leave I them alone or don't go near them they will not hurt you.  I get many comments about these pins re not going to Australia etc, please don't define us as having dangerous animals only. This wonderful country has so many things to offer everyone & if you visit us & want to see these animals you may/will have to go to a zoo to see these animals....

Australia, Land of Remarkable Sights

Most dangerous animals in Australia (pt. reasons for why you should come to Australia. Jks but seriously I live in Australia and the only things (on this list) I've actually seen here are red backs, wallabies, huntsmans and kangaroos

Lions, like men, have among their number the courageous and the cowardly ~ Ibn Munqidh

This lioness and her pack had just taken down a young elephant and she raised her head long enough for me(Rob Dweck) to get this shot before resuming her dinner.

Cambridge, England

Husbands Taking me and our Girl to Cambridge for the Day, Then to Mamas and Papas for more Baby stuff! He spoils us xXx Cambridge, England

Frank Eaton, “Pistol Pete”….. In the late 1860’s, 8 yr old Eaton witnessed six men kill his father. In 1875, when he was 15, he learned the whereabouts of his father’s killers. But before setting off on his mission to avenge his father’s death, he decided to visit Ft. Gibson, OK a cavalry fort, to learn more about handling a gun. He learned, and out shot everyone at the fort, earning him the nickname. Later in life, he moved to OK. Terr. and became a US Marshal.

Frank Eaton, "Pistol Pete" In the late 8 yr old Eaton witnessed six men kill his father. In when he was he learned th.