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Me gano el corazón!!!

Me gano el corazón!

Levittown, New York - On ground where cows grazed before the war, young families now slept in suburbs made of prefabricated materials. These instant neighborhoods and towns sprang up to meet the housing demand of millions of postwar Baby Boom families.

Levittown, New York _ October developer William Jaird Levitt opened the first suburb in the US for WWII GIs and their families



Iglesia Segunda Milla Gdl

Iglesia Segunda Milla Gdl

Edward Morrow- The Father of Journalism. He took on Joe McCarthy at the height of his power, and brought an end to the Red Scare.

The 11 Manliest Anchormen of All Time

Broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow, opponent of McCarthyism