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To America On The Eve Of Its Destruction ..., Given the unprecedented ignorance, laziness and apathy of today's America we are, just 240 years later, only microns away from losing our precious republic, Obama, Clinton, Dumbing Down society, classified Materials, sexcapdes, FBI,

Guest post by Jay Stone Los Angeles, CA November 2016 — Concerns about “Spirit Cooking” and the Clinton camp’s .

Aren't you worried for your children and grandchildren? Can't believe we have actually allowed a trader into power position that lets this happen. How much more dumb down can we afford to go? What have we done?

Mohamed Alibiary is dangerous and a member of your US Dept. of Homeland Security Advisory Council with access to classified info. Feel safe under Obama's regime yet?

As a species, will we adapt (and become the survival of the fittest)? Or will we be like the dinosaurs and ignore the disastrous results of our lifestyles and keep plodding on (business as usual)

Articles: Hillary Clinton's Legacy of Scandal Is there anyone.any Democrat in America that knows History.or what truth means.or knows what democratic progressivism socialism aka communism aka facism is?

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The people of Germany need to rid themselves of this traitorous evil! And take obama, valerie jarrett, comey, lynch, and killer hillary w you! Germany Cannot Account For Missing Muslim Migrants

" **Up to Oct, 26, 2012 Obama has signed 145 executive orders that has been seen by the public. By far EO 13603 is the worst 1 since it gives power of all resources to the government.  Not as many as 923 (orders) but still Obama far exceeds any other president. Link: http://www.factcheck.org/2012/09/obamas-executive-orders/  Wow, that is more than a little bit scary...."   indeed.. it is actually alarming.

Obama's Plan To Seize Control Of Our Economy And Our Lives

This many executive orders from one man, seems more like a dictator than a president in my opinion. Presidential Executive Orders--Obama far exceeds any other president

And they  probably freakin' wil.  That will be a sad day.

Hillary Clinton, our first presidential candidate under investigation by the FBI during a presidential campaign. As if the above wasn’t enough, check out Hillary’s track record .

WHAT??!! How was this NOT all over the media, every single day of the 2016 campaign? Is EVERY newscaster afraid of meeting the same fate????!

The Clinton body count continues to grow.HELLO Americans, Wake Up! Is is no coincidence.