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Bartok off of Anastasia :) And u swinggg your hips like THIS sir!

Bees will buzz kids will blow dandelion fuzz and I'll be doing whatever show does in summer! if you did not sing that your not a true fan XD

kingingus: “It just got better and better. ”

love these disney characters <- whoever said that is incorrect I know it's stupid but it's a pet peeve of mine, minions and world of gumball ARENT FROM DISNEY

Exercises 3 - Bartok by *Mitch-el on deviantART

Are you getting sick of the Bartok sketches yet? A difference approach was taken when drawing the fellow this time around. Although model sheets of the character were referred to for anatomical cor.

how to draw donald duck easy step 7

If I made a lesson on Pluto easy, I might as well make one on Donald too. Now is the time that we will learn "how to draw Donald Duck easy .