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Our Boys Press Night 3rd October 2012 - Ourboys3Oct12pic009 - Who is Matt Smith?

Our Boys Press Night October 2012 - - Who is Matt Smith?

Haha. Yeah....

Thirty Days of Doctor Who Meme Day 01 – Your Favorite Quote (From “The Lodger”, fifth series) Craig: Has anyone ever told you that you’re a bit weird? The Doctor: They never really stop.

I've uploaded a number of screencaps from Matt's appearance on "Alan Carr's Chatty Man"  to the Flickr Gallery.  Some examples are below but please head on over to the Flickr Gallery for the full set.  Feel free to download and use.

Screencaps - Matt Smith on Alan Carr's "Chatty Man"

Hell. Yes. | Doctor Who | 50th Anniversary With a Zygon just chillin' in the background.

David Tennant, Matt Smith and the TARDIS! I can't wait for the Anniversary Special!

My edit <3 Matt Smith

Matt Smith has to be the most attractive man alive. Benedict Cumberbatch, then David Tennant, THEN Matt smith. :P What about Tom Hiddleston?

Matt Smith's first and last read-throughs... Why am I so sad?<<-- BECAUSE HE'S AMAZING AND ADORABLE AND ELEVEN, YOU FUCKTARD

Matt Smith's first and last read-throughs. This guy will ALWAYS be my favorite doctor

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