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Love me some Shel Silverstein!

then listen close to me.anything can happen child, anything can be // shell silverstein Dear I can't believe I found it!

Primitives by Kathy 'Wouldn't Life Be Perfect' Box Sign available at #Nordstrom

Wouldn't life be perfect if sweatpants were sexy, Mondays were fun, Junk food didn't make u fat, Girls didn't cause drama, Guys weren't so confusing &goodbyes only meant until tomorrow.

Kids need to learn that their behavior will always have a consequence, but teaching them this concept can be easy. Post this saying right on your wall.

One Way to Teach Kids That Behavior Has Consequences

Tell this all the time to my kids. It is essential that we teach children that their behavior positive or negative, has consequences.

We should all be this for one another-- not JUST your daughters!   We ALL need at least ONE person in our life that will be this for us and WE will be for at least one other!!!!!

Daughters, I'll always be there no matter what. I will never make you feel like you owe me because I chose to give you life. I will never make you feel lesser than you are and I will always help you to be the best that you can be.

The Ego vs the Soul

Ego vs. Self