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Men or Womens Stainless Steel Ring Religious & Inspirational Stainless Steel Ring - Stainless Steel Casting Ring - Wrench Design, Face Width: 22 mm Band Width: mm Finish: High Polish Size 9

This eraser ring by E for Effort is perfect for artists and perfectionists alike.

Eraser Rings by E for Effort: Handmade of sterling silver with a red, pink, or green eraser. This would have been so handy in high school. So neat!

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Monster Dices --- dice is the plural version. I feel bad but I have a problems with correcting.

Chance of rolling the dice, like the chance of life

Four dice = 24 options.

Space Roller Futuristic Dice

Space Roller Futuristic Dice

Make no mistake. The Space Roller Futuristic Dice ain't yo daddy's dice. So you're playing a RPG game filled with starships and lasers and aliens who want to

Antique Dice  Case. ~Via Maggie Wilson

Bone dice in silver case - I say, that would live in one classy games cupboard!