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Swimmer Leisel Jones made waves with her appearance at the 2012 games. She was fit enough for the Olympics, but her body wasn't aesthetically pleasing to some, despite her status as one of the world's best athletes. Interesting article.

Is Olympic Swimmer Leisel Jones Fat, or Is This What Fit Looks Like? The four-time Australian Olympian is at the center of an international controversy about athletes and weight.

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amazing before and after of a woman who switched to crossfit/paleo! "At age I am, by far, in the best shape of my life. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. But I also believe it’s never too late!

What's also interesting is the fact thatHER FUCKING TOES ARE MISSING!!

I prefer the unairbrushed version of me ... that is who I really am

Photoshop Before And After

If we would stop taking our cues from magazines and posters and images that are all clearly photoshopped, we might actually spend our time doing something besides pinning pictures of women we think we should be.

Adobe Photoshop Day Cream (29 Photos) | FunCage

Previous pinner: "Never believe that celebrity images are not manipulated. Here are some excellent examples of 'before and after' Photoshop-retouched photos".

Hey guys! So I know from personal experience that figuring out this whole competition thing can be a p.i.t.a. (short for pain in the as*) I didn't know about c

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