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Gengar Loves His Trainer

My cat does the exact same thing! She crawls around in my drawers and tosses my clothes everywhere. I really wanna be mad, but I know she's just a cat, and she's also really cute.

zestydoesthings: “ The final update for my Johto Pokemonathon! A slumbering leviathan, the radiant immortal and a time traveling sprint onion (scallion). What a fun adventure this was! Thanks to.

codename kids next door anime

Codename: Kids Next Door - Number 3 (Kuki Sanban) and Number 4 (Wally Beatles).

PokeTheMon   Little continuation idea I had for one of the pics from Ask Airalin Q41. Hope u like it! c: Like my art? Then please consider joining my Patreon! Every dollar helps!

FINALLY DONE MOVING! Been away for quite awhile now b/c of the move, but now I'm done and ready to start uploading again! Airalin and company are also moving!

I've always wondered about the effects of repels BUT I never thought anything this... dire O-o

Maybe everytime you use a repel in Pokemon, you're damaging the ozone layer (repels in Pokemon look like aerosols). [My Patreon] Aerosol Abuse