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#winner #Jinwoo #Taehyun

#winner #Jinwoo #Taehyun

hahaha this part was so hilarious! But the bit after was even better when taehyun said "YOU SHOULD LIKE ME FOR ME!" Hahahaha

My favorite thing in this video was Bobby's dayuuum Bobby & Taehyun

ikonis: ““MOBB turning up to Zico” ”

ikonis: ““MOBB turning up to Zico” ” Chanyeol in the back creeping tho

Mino used to be scared of BI #Winner #iKon

Winner and iKon pre-debuuuuuuut! This ep is so cute, when Team A and Team B had a little dinner.

Yunhyeong - ikon

Imagen de Ikon, yunhyeong, and song yunhyeong