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Excalibur ~ Artist: Ed Beard Jr

la dama dama del lago

(via Excalibur! - Arthur and Gwen Photo - Fanpop fanclubs)

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, "Avalon".  That name alone gives me chills, and then you add something like this . . .

Avalon by: Stephanie Pui-Mun Law - Shadowscapes

bc4c86f033639d06ffe02e59788c3af1.jpg (524×688)

Lady of the lake art

Illustrator Sara Burrier. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

emerald mermaid, sara m butcher

Avalon: The idyllic isle, healing place of eternal beauty and otherworldly mystery and the final resting place of Arthur.

“Doug Beekman, The Mists of Avalon ”

Lady of the Lake

The Vedic sacrificial sword originated by Indra’s thunderbolt. Lightning is associated with water, and hence another link between the fire-sword-water

Braldt Bralds | OIL | Lady of the Lake

Braldt Bralds Studio, Lady of the Lake, Ballantine Books

CAMELOT ~ Camelot was a fictitious city first named as Arthur's principal home some time in the 12th century. John Leland, in 1542, claimed Cadbury Castle was the "real" Camelot. Cadbury was the head quarters for a 5th century king. Its west country location gives it credibility as the original Camelot.    Camelot is a dream city, a "chivalric Utopia" Arthur's personal capital from whence he doles out justice, hosts grand feasts, and makes brave knights.

Camelot: Perhaps the most mentioned mythical place, the city capital of Arthurian legends is the middle age version of the paradise. Here all that is good, righteous and true is considered natural and the truth and valor prevail no matter what.

A watercolor painting of Camelot by Alan Lee.

Alan Lee Camelot (off 'Castles')

Lady of Shallot.

Lady of Shallot by AlyFell. Though I don't know why the Lady of Shallot is pictured with a sword . is that in the poem?


Lady of the Lake ~ King Arthur Legend Merlin Sword Water Signed Fantasy Art Print Illustration

Mount Olympus ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring percy jackson

Some of the first stories I ever heard were tales of the gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology. - now this is a castle


Lady in the Lake - Lifebytes

Paliano: The High City by AdamPaquette. DeviantART  Copyright Wizards of the Coast

Paliano, the High City MtG Art from Conspiracy Set by Adam Paquette

The world itself has changed. There was a time when a traveller , if he had the will and knew only a few of the secrets, could send his barge out into the Summer Sea and arrive not at Glastonbury of the monks, but at he Holy Isle of Avalon; for at that time the gates between the worlds drifted within the mists, and were open, one to another , as the traveller thougt and willed.

It's not exactly how I imagine a mythical island of Avalon but pretty close to it. "Avalon is a.