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These are two stray dogs. If I knew where they were I would adopt them in a heartbeat.

Just keep swimming swimming swimming this it the dog visor of dory

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Long day chasing squirrels at the dog park!

Life’s ruff, get a dog (66 photos)


What's the only thing better than a Corgi? A Corgi in a swing. What's the only thing better than a Corgi in a swing? A smiling Corgi in a swing.

ben gelene kadar anneni üzme!

❥ When Mom gives you "the look". Eye contact by Zoran Milutinovic on

OK this one actually made me laugh out loud!!!  Dogs vs Cats (19 Pics)

OK this one actually made me laugh out loud! I had a cat that did exactly this. Dogs vs Cats, some from the perspective of dog lovers, some from cat lovers, some neutral. Pics) NOTE: Unfortunate language choices on some pics within the pin.

English Bulldog Puppy....Awww!

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Not sure if he actually sAid this but its true-> Van Gogh Dog Quote = Truth.