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Cats can see things we don't. Cats rarely, if ever, blink. Therefore cats must see Weeping Angels that have somehow made themselves invisible to our eyes. Also by that logic, my cat has saved my life multiple times. yet another thing cats are good for.

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This is a cat in the Tardis. This is the Doctor. In cat regeneration. This is awesome!

Okay, when I first saw this it made me sad. Then I read the caption xD

Agent Coulson's Army on

Best. Crossover. Ever.

The Crossover We All Want

Tardis Pinata!  Because nothing is more satisfying than smashing the Tardis, except maybe traveling in it.  And I can't think of anything more delightful to have bigger on the inside!

TARDIS pinata- perfect for any whovian's party!:D <== AHHHHHH break the tardis poppy cosh !

Doctor who book case! I need this!!!! To put all my manga, fiction, romance, and all my fav book in there!

But do I pin this to my book board or my Doctor Who board? What the heck; I'll pin it to both. I want this bookcase.

Dr. Who's true enemy.

"One of these is an evil creature bent on world domination, the other's a dalek" rofl

Doctor Whom

omg no more grammar nazis. only grammar daleks. cuz i mean they're basically the same thing