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The Hoover Dam is a Landmark in Boulder City. Plan your road trip to The Hoover Dam in NV with Roadtrippers.

Hoover Dam (with bypass bridge in the foreground stretching from Arizona to Nevada)

Impressive aerial view of Hoover Dam. For those who don't know: Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam, is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the US states of Arizona and Nevada

The Hoover Dam, Las Vegas http://bobbysmith1.bandcamp.com

The Hoover Dam + Colorado River Bridge (longest concrete bridge in America) The experience will take your breath away.

Here's an amazing view of the #HooverDam we hadn't yet seen! #travelphotography #travel

Awesome Aerial Photo of the Hoover Dam in Arizona, USA Years of drought? Look how low the waterline is!

The Hoover Dam (Nevada and Arizona, USA).  Went to Las Vegas years ago...highlight of the trip was going to the dam - it is magnificent!

Even took the dam tour! The Hoover Dam (Nevada and Arizona, USA). At its base, the Hoover Dam is as thick as two football pitches! Energy generated by the dam can supply energy for up to households!

Excursión al Grand Canyon West Rim con escala en la Presa Hoover y opción Skywalk

Hoover Dam is one of the world's great place that crosses the Colorado River, linking Arizona and Nevada is the largest artificial lake in the United States. Get best Quality Heart shaped & products and It will lead your home.

Hoover Dam....awesome picture with the new bridge...cannot believe how much the lake has dropped, you can tell by the white along the sides of the stone/rocks.

Hoover Dam, Arizona/Nevada - Located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, the dam was built to impound Lake Mead and create the largest reservoir in the US by volume.