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How to attach pieces of t-shirt yarn together. Omg it's just like the daisy chains we used to make in elementary school... sorta. Why didn't I think of this?

This is for when I actually make t-shirt yarn. How to make t-shirt yarn & joining the ends of t-shirt strips + 4 t-shirt yarn projects

Save some money by making your own t-shirt yarn! Browsing Pinterest, I saw an awesome pattern for a rug made of T-Shirt Yarn. Now, I had to make the rug (of course!), but didn’t want to buy t…

How To Make T-Shirt Yarn from Jersey Sheets

How to make T-shirt / sheets Yarn! DIY instructions on how I made T-shirt yarn from jersey sheets I bought at the thrift store.

T-shirt rug

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crochet using old t-shirts, click through to photo tutorial how to make the "t-shirt yarn" Kinda want to make a t-shirt rug!

Recycled T-shirt Dishcloths-- what to do with the scraps from old tshirts and knits I used for other projects....

Chunky knit t-shirt dishtowels. Several other repurposed t-shirt craft ideas here as well.

Make your own T-shirt yarn without spending a dime!  {and it's super soft!}

recykl T-Shirt Yarn {DIY}.learn how to make something beautiful out of your old shirts.

BEST tutorial I've found for making yarn out of old t-shirts (which I am currently obsessed with).  Seriously, what are you doing with those old shirts?  Make a quilt out of the printed portions and knit the rest!

How to make t-shirt yarn. Polka Dot Pineapple: Tutorial--T-Shirt Yarn