If only every office were this amazing on the inside... or every architecture school.

Gallery of Umeå School Of Architecture / Henning Larsen Architects - 10

Entre Catedrales  Cádiz España / Alberto Campo Baeza

Entre Catedrales / Alberto Campo Baeza

1/2 Stadium / Interval Architects

Gallery of 1/2 Stadium / Interval Architects - 23

Image 23 of 33 from gallery of Stadium / Interval Architects. Photograph by GU Yunduan

alvaro siza / quinta do portal

Álvaro Siza, Fernando Guerra / FG SG · Quinta do Portal · Divis

*interior design, minimalism, exposition places  architecture* - Renzo Piano, Menil Collection

"Art: Take it off its marble pedestal and show it as a daily companion, refreshing, human and rich: witness of its time and prophet of times to come.