Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit in a Sardine Can- Kit includes; compass, whistle, matches, first aid instructions, razor blade, pencil, non-aspirin pain reliever, fire starter cube, adhesive bandage, energy nugget, wire clip, reflective signal surface, fish hook, fishing line & spool, duct tape, note paper, sugar, salt, gum, resealable bag, antibiotic ointment, tea, safety pin, alcohol prep pad

Contains: compass whistle matches first aid instructions razor blade pencil non-aspirin pain reliever fire starter cube adhesive bandage energy nugget wire clip reflective signal surface fish hook fishing line

Uncle AZ's Altoids Survival Kit

Uncle AZ's Altoids Survival Kit

diy clay oven | DIY** How To Build A Clay Oven - LivingGreenAndFrugally.com

Imagine having your own wood-fired cobb oven in the back garden? Made with clay, sand, straw and water, you can transform these cheap and easy to find materials into a back yard must-have.

CDC zombie prepardness 101

'The ZOMBIES are coming!' Government warns of living dead pandemic in witty campaign to prepare Americans for genuine disasters

I am so making one!  An emergency medical kit for the family in a tool box.  I love it!

Medical kits for self-reliant families By Jackie Clay -- There may be a time, as close as tomorrow, when your loved ones need medication or medical treatment and there is no drug store open or doct.

Read this later - Create 72 hour emergency kits over an 8 week period. Instructions on what to do each week.  @ronaldflagg3

Foods you should be eating, for a healthier lifestyle!

Create 72 hour emergency kits ~~ over an 8 week period. Instructions on what to do each week. Love this 72 hour kit organization too!

Deluxe 2-Person Perfect Survival Kit for Emergency Disaster Preparedness for Earthquake, Hurricane, Fire, Evacuations, Auto, Home and Family

How to Survive the End of the World

not exactly a bug out bag BUT this is a decent bag to keep in your car in case of an emergency, especially for thos who live near the San Andreas Fault, or those who live in areas where massive snow storms hit.

Zombie Kitchen by ~Splapp-me-do on deviantART

Made this strip for volume 2 of Fat Chunk [link] which is entitled ZOMBIE.