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Lol right

Hey its either you make that watermelon smaller or my mouth bigger

:) fetsywetsy

Love the simplicity and cost effective use of using lemon, baking soda, and vinegar to clean the bathroom instead of expensive and harsh chemicals.

Pug getting married

everyone who knows me well enough knows i have to post this Marilyn Monroe Pug!

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funny dog pictures - I see you have ice cream. I, too, enjoy the occasional ice cream.

Love my pug

A bored, chubby pug lying on its stomach on a couch.

Pugs, pugs, and more pugs...


sad little face.I want to cuddle him!

Pug Shaming

Pug Shaming

I have an all black pug, and nice to know that he's just living a regular cause I'm concerned at times -- Pug Shaming. Some of these are hilarious. The "I only know one position" thing must be a pug trait.


Sarcastic pug :P

This just makes me laugh

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This cat have special eyes

It's a fluffy snuggle-muffin