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We need this on Disney Channel

Loki ~ Disney channel <---- This could technically be used as a Disney promo because Loki is a Disney Prince! (My favorite Disney Prince.

This is too perfect even if it is Stucky

We dress up like Captain America and Bucky to check it out.<<<nine times out of ten we've been in the basement watching Netflix at two in the morning when this occurs.

Thor ~ Disney channel

I may start watching Disney Channel again if this happened.

one of the best crossovers ever, I laughed to the point of sliding out of my seat... should we tell Tony that her mom is dead?

Frozen and Avengers Meme // This is just the best.I'm laughing so hard. / frozen / Anna / the avengers / Thor / iron man /

It's true though! Phone games even strengthen those cat-like reflexes! ;)

In Drake and Josh, Drake has always been my favorite cause he's funny, and hot!

Drake and Josh!!!

I was talking about captain hook on ouat and this kid goes ugh that guys a pervert and I'm like do you even know what that means and of course he did not

awesome. lion king and avengers

Thor and Loki really do remind me of Mufasa and Scar. Love the Lion King, love Thor! Similarities are so scary. all four characters in this meme are Disney Royalty. Two brothers have the rights to the throne. And the other two brothers are jealous.

Suite life of Zack and Cody

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