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From Jan 15 until Feb 11, commuters will be able to hop on this train decorated with rooster motifs, along with traditional Chinese couplets expressing well wishes for the new year.
Pu Ru (1896-1963) CALLIGRAPHY COUPLET IN KAISHU signed PU RU, inscribed, and with two seals of the artist ink on paper, set of two, framed each 36.5 by 5 cm. 14 3/8 by 2 in. (2)  溥儒 楷書咏八仙歌聯 (1896-1963) 水墨雲紋灑金箋 鏡框 款識:鍾離點石把扇搖,果老騎驢走趙橋; 國舅手執雲陽板,采和瑤池品玉簫。 洞濱背劍清風客,拐李提葫得道高; 僊姑敬奉長生酒,湘子花籃獻蟠桃。 幼時自家慈項太夫人懷中常聞此八祖歌,西山逸士溥儒。 鈐印:「溥儒」、「心畬」。 各 36.5 by 5 cm. 14 3/8 by 2 in. (2)
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